Marc Beaumont’s long experience as a defence advocate in professional disciplinary cases, his training as an Arbitrator and his work in the fields of commercial and business law combine to add real value to his service in the area of sports law. 

Marc offers a direct service to sports professionals, agents and clubs.

Marc also accepts instructions from UK and international law firms to advise and represent sports professionals, agents and clubs.

Marc acts in cases of dispute resolution and also drafts formal agreements to regularise relations between sports entities.  

Court of Arbitration for Sport, Lausanne (“CAS”) 

Marc Beaumont serves on the panel of Arbitrators at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland.  

He has a particular interest in football and disciplinary cases.

Marc Beaumont may be nominated by any party to a CAS Arbitration.  The party-appointed Arbitrators then select the Chair from the CAS list. Marc is completely independent-minded and views every CAS Arbitration scrupulously impartially and fairly. 

Football Association – England

Marc Beaumont is a F.A. registered Intermediary able to represent players and clubs outside of his law practice.