Marc Beaumont acts on the instruction of solicitors and also has the right to conduct litigation on a direct access basis in his own right. In High Court litigation, Marc is now able to conduct cases using the much simplified e-filing procedures in the Rolls Building in London.  

A broad-based service with an emphasis on:

the Banking sector, including acting for and against Banks and other financial institutions, especially involving allegations of fraud, forgery, misrepresentation, undue influence and breaches of the consumer credit legislation;

Financial Services, including FCA/FSA investigations, compliance and professional negligence;

Insurance, including coverage claims arising from environmental disasters such as hurricane damage;

Procurement, especially in the healthcare sector;

Sports law, acting for sports agents and agencies and professional sportsmen and women in commercial disputes and disciplinary investigations;

Professional Negligence, acting for and against architects, design studios, accountants, IFAs, solicitors and barristers;

Boardroom dispute resolution, minority shareholder disputes, partnership breakdown;

Asset freezing/Mareva injunctions, seeking and resisting urgent High Court remedies;

Insolvency, seeking and resisting bankruptcy orders.

Civil procedural disputes, including applications for relief from sanctions; strike out; summary judgment;

Expert witness

Marc acts as an expert on English law in foreign proceedings. In 2017, he advised on the law of frustration of contracts in a dispute in Moscow over a disputed loan of 156 million Euros in the context of the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

Areas of work:-

  • Agency
  • Arbitration
  • Asset recovery
  • Banking
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business Tenancies
  • Commercial Landlords
  • Companies
  • Competition
  • Computers
  • Construction
  • Consumer Credit
  • Contracts & drafting
  • Data Protection
  • Debt
  • Directors´ Disqualification
  • Disciplinary
  • Drafting contracts
  • Economic torts
  • Employment
  • Environmental
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Franchising


  • Fraud
  • Guarantees
  • Information Technology
  • Injunctions
  • Insolvency
  • Insurance
  • Joint ventures
  • Mediation
  • Misrepresentation
  • Negligence of professionals (Solicitors, Barristers, Doctors, Valuers, Financial Advisers)
  • NHS procurement
  • Partnerships
  • Passing off
  • Privacy and reputation
  • Product liability
  • Regulatory
  • Restraint of trade
  • Sale of Goods
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Sports
  • Striking out and procedural hearings
  • Telecommunications
  • Undue Influence
  • Utilities


Selected, notable cases conducted in the commercial, business and general litigation fields

  • Dr X v The Sunday People / Daily Mirror (2019) May

(Successfully negotiating on the basis of Art 17 GDPR (‘the right to be forgotten’) the removal of a damaging and stale article about a surgeon concerning past disciplinary proceedings)

  • Munnelly et al v David O’Sullivan et al [2018] Companies Court (Chief Registrar Briggs)

(Claim for shares in a Company by C1, C2 and C3.  C1 and C2 have no claim to the shares. Only C3, which was not joined as an original Claimant, had such a claim. Marc Beaumont submitted for D that C1 and C2 could not elect for C3 to have those shares and yet carry on with their claim, as that was to “approbate and reprobate”.  Chief Registrar reduced costs payable by D by 20 %.)

  • RICS  v Martin Rushton (2017) October; Court of Appeal. 

(Online protest by surveyor wrongly convicted and struck off; surveyor won his appeal and was reinstated; online postings and correspondence claimed to be actionable harassment of RICS under Protection from Harassment Act 1997; whether ECHR Article 10 right to freedom of expression; whether need to prove “alarm and distress” from alleged harassment; whether RICS seeking an injunction had “clean hands”). 

  • RICS  v Martin Rushton (2017) March High Court, QBD.

(Online protest by surveyor wrongly convicted and struck off; surveyor won his appeal and was reinstated; online postings and correspondence claimed to be actionable harassment of RICS under Protection from Harassment Act 1997; whether ECHR Article 10 right to freedom of expression; whether need to prove “alarm and distress” from alleged harassment; whether RICS seeking an injunction had “clean hands”). 

  • V v A (2017) Moscow 

(Advising on the English law of frustration of contracts; dispute over 156 million Euros; solar energy project funded by bank loans, but after annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, repayment of loan impossible.; whether loan contract frustrated).  

(successful complaint by a barrister to FOS concerning his right to choose his own solicitors to act for him in the face of insurer insisting on a panel firm)

  • Pratt & Whitney Canada (UK) Ltd v Bushell (2015)

(application for costs in Employment Tribunal; successfully resisted after detailed written submissions)

  • I v E 

(Claim for return of investment funds; Marc Beaumont pleaded a defence of illegality; settled at Mediation)

  • Norseman Holdings Ltd v Warwick Court Management Co Ltd  Coulson J 5.3.15

(Successful application to recall judgment and remove previous finding of identity fraud) 

  •  M v Legal Ombudsman High Court, Nov 2014

(Successful application for relief from sanctions applying Denton v White

  • G v S (2013/2014)

(Successful defence of male Defendant in claim for damages for paternity fraud; claim withdrawn; costs paid to Defendant)

  • X Bank v M [2012] December – Mediation

(Defence of undue influence with third party claim for negligence against a firm of solicitors; successful London Mediation at which wife of debtor received enough in damages to secure re-housing).

(14 day trial; Construction contract; project management; claims alleging fraudulent misappropriation, deceit, breach of fiduciary duty, dishonest assistance and professional negligence against designers/project managers; claim for an account; all serious allegations against Marc Beaumont’s client dismissed)

  • Santander Bank v M [2011] March, Croydon County Court

(Application to strike out averment of constructive notice in Etridge defence; application successfully opposed by Marc Beaumont)

  • Re Trumax Ltd  [2011] Lawtel 25th Jan, Companies Court

(Insolvency, transaction at undervalue, transfer of commercial property to pension scheme with in specie contribution, sections 238, 239 and 212 of the Insolvency Act 1986, whether Directors’ misfeasance).

  • Private Car Services v K [2010] Feb, Central London County Court

(Chauffeur of a celebrity fashion model; restraint of trade, whether covenant enforceable,   whether damages for “reflected loss” being claimed, whether s. 2 of the Competition Act 1998 applicable, whether an account of profits available in a claim for breach of contract).

  • Whiteaway Laidlaw Bank v R  [2009]11 August, Bankruptcy Registry, Birmingham.

(Insolvency.  Successful defence to Petition on the basis of : (a) an arguable breach of section 86C of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, (b) triable issues of fraud and (c) a mis-statement in the Petition about security; whether “security” in  rule 6.25 of the Insolvency Rules 1986 includes an arguably valueless Legal Charge; whether “running-account credit” can arise by implication where overdraft facilities are extended       retrospectively ).

  • GMC Collections v Singh [2009] CLCC, 28th July (HH Judge Collins CBE)

(Re-litigation, consumer credit, improper execution, issue estoppel, abuse of process, Johnson v Gore-Wood, limitation period for allegations of improper execution, successful strike-out application).

  • G v Metropolitan Police Commissioner [2009] Central London County Court, 12th June

(Policeman; disciplinary proceedings which were wrongly brought; Policeman mentally ill; wrong diagnosis by Doctors; MPC’s duty of care to policeman; definition of duty of care; whether non-delegable; successfully resisted MPC’s strike-out application).

  • Manning v Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs [2009] 6th January

(Bankruptcy Petition based on agreement to pay tax; allegation by client debtor that agreement procured by threat by HMRC to extend investigation over another 8 years of trading; need for trial; Petition dismissed with costs against HMRC).

  • Talley Group v NHS [2008] December.

(NHS Trust; £1 million contract for supply of pressure mattress systems; threatened withdrawal by Trust; I negotiated with the Trust to rescind their withdrawal; settled case within 48 hours of dispute erupting).

  • Greenergy SA v Memphis Biofuels LLC  [2008] EWHC (Commercial Court) 2nd Sept

(Conflict of laws; supply of biofuel from the USA; service out of the jurisdiction; CPR Part 6 r. 20(5); whether e-mail contract made in England or Tennessee;  convenience of forum; material non-disclosure in ex parte application; Proper Law of the contract; Rome Convention; )

  • Snopek v Urang Ltd [2008] EWHC 1213 (Ch), Lawtel 23rd May

(Insolvency; construction dispute; appeal against bankruptcy order; interaction of bankrputcy jurisdiction and CPR Part 23.11; abuse of process; circumvention of rule in Heath v Tang)

  • Dr T.S Goel v R. Pick (Trustee in Bankruptcy) [2007] 1 All ER 982; [2006] BPIR 827.

(Insolvency; assignment of choses in action; disposition of property; number plates; preferences; purported transfer of vehicle registration mark; ownership of mark; s.340 Insolvency Act 1986; Retention of Registration Marks Regulations (1993))

  • GE Capital Bank Ltd v Rushton & Jenking [2006] 1 WLR 899, Court of Appeal

(Consumer Law; Sale of Goods; Hire Purchase Act 1964; title to goods; protection of private purchasers; meaning of “carrying on a business;” single commercial venture; bona fide purchaser without notice)

  • R (Energy Financing Team Ltd) v Serious Fraud Office, GML International Ltd (Interested Party) [2005] All ER 285, Divisional Court

(Foreign proceedings, international fraud, mutual assistance, SFO, search warrants far wider than overseas request, judicial review, specificity of warrant, s.2 Criminal Justice Act 1987, ECHR, formal Guidance from Divisional Court)

  • Shah v Lamberts Solicitors [2004] All ER (D) 66

(Insolvency, costs, IA 1986, s. 366, lien for unpaid fees)

  • Di Placito v Slater [2004] 1 WLR 1605, Court of Appeal

(application of CPR to modification of undertaking; relevant test)

  • Di Placito v Slater [2003], Lawtel 24th March

(Strike out for breach of undertaking, abuse of process, extension of time)

  • Hill Samuel Personal Finance v Grundy [2002] CL Aug

(CPR Part 51.19, automatic stay, strike out)

  • Leheny v Allied Irish Bank [1999] BPIR

(Appeal against Bankruptcy Order, equitable set-off, sale at undervalue by mortgagee, s. 267 Insolvency Act 1985)

  • Barclays Bank v Clifton [1998] BPIR 566

(personal insolvency; mortgage fraud; agency; setting aside statutory demand, nature of appeal to single Judge of the Chancery Division.)

  • Hurstanger Ltd v Ricketts [1998] CCLR 5

(following FNB v Ann, strike out/limitation period for extortionate credit bargain claim/issue estoppel/abuse of process)

  • Popat v Shonchhatra [1997] 1 WLR 1367, Court of Appeal

(division of post-dissolution partnership profits)

  • First National Bank v Ann [1998] CCLR 1

(limitation period for extortionate credit bargain claim)

  • Re  Jayham Ltd [1995] 2 BCLC 455

(Restoration to Companies Register/s.653 Companies Act 1985)

  • S v W [1995] 1 FLR 862, Court of Appeal

(a leading case on s. 11 of the Limitation Act 1980; action for damages for childhood sexual abuse/limitation)

  • Doble v Haymills  [1988] The Times, 5th July, Court of Appeal, [1988] Sol Jo 1063

(writ extension)