Feedback in disciplinary cases

Teacher client

“I am deeply moved by your level of effort, sincerity and desire to fight for justice on my behalf in such a selfless and noble manner. The phrase, “the pen is mightier than the sword”,  has always resonated with me. Only now, however, having seen you fighting for justice in the relentless manner in which you do, do I fully comprehend what it means.  Thank you for all you do. Not just for me but as a true example of what a true man of law should be like.”

Surveyor client

“The outcome was a result of your careful planning and skill”


“Marc is a master of lateral thinking” 

Teacher client in disciplinary case

“You work with an outstanding level of skill and experience but have maintained your heart and humanity. It’s what sets you apart.”

Medical disciplinary client

Marc epitomises the word “justice” and strives to achieve it despite injustices present within public regulatory bodies.  The regulatory bodies governing the medical/nursing profession seem to judge the registrant(s) as guilty until proven innocent and this bias can obstruct a fair hearing for the registrant(s).Marc is not just a highly respected barrister, he is humane and sensitive to the physical and emotional well-being of the client. He advises, supports and prepares the client and yet never gives false hope.Marc is dedicated to a case and works/researches diligently to ensure no stone is left unturned.  Marc looks the adversary in the eye, delves deep into their psyche, unveiling the flaws within their prosecution but always conscious of their strengths.  Marc patiently and strategically builds up his defence for the registrant(s) and presents it in an assertive and professional manner.  Marc does not compromise nor give up.   Marc succeeds in gaining justice for the innocent where others might fail.”

Medical disciplinary client

“I have been a paramedic for over 22 years operating in several different spheres of clinical practice.   I was reported to the regulatory body of the Health and Care Professionals Council in relation to completely false allegations of neglect. The case deteriorated into a very upsetting and business- crippling ordeal resulting in a hearing date 32 months after the event. I engaged Marc Beaumont through the excellent Dr Peter d’Ambrumenil acting as an intermediary. Marc brings a near 30-year history of success to the table and immense experience of dealing with professional regulatory bodies.I hope you take the time to read through the generous number of accolades for a remarkable man.  Not only can Marc communicate at our level when we are suffering in silence, but he has the austere and direct ability to layer his vocabulary in law and to challenge opponents in a manner that would put others to shame.  I was acquitted of all charges thanks to the work of Peter and Marc.  If you are in trouble, pick up the phone or email him, and do not leave it too late, as I did as there is as much that he can for you at the start of the process as at trial.    Marc saved my career.”

Solicitor client at SDT 

“I really felt that my career was in serious jeopardy until I turned to Marc for help. I thought I was probably small fry compared to some of the people/organisations he has represented. However, he treated me with the utmost dignity and was what I would describe as quietly ruthless when dealing with my regulatory body. I would not recommend to anybody facing a tribunal for the first time to go unrepresented  and what was to me a stressful experience was meat and drink to him. He got me the result that he promised and was worth every penny!”  

Senior Barrister client

” Marc Beaumont is a man of exceptional talent. His skills, expertise and professionalism were put to effective use recently when the BSB decided to bring a charge against me which had very serious ramifications – both professionally and personally. The charge followed a complaint made against me which was inherently wrong and malicious. The charge should never have been made but it proved to be impossible to have it amended or withdrawn until Marc Beaumont was instructed. As soon as he was engaged the complexities of the case and issues arising were addressed and a plan of action immediately put in place. Within a very short period of time thereafter the charge was withdrawn.” 

Feedback from a Barrister client

“I would like you to know that whatever the outcome you are my hero and champion. I will never forget your kindness and genuine interest in my matter….Thank you for your continued tireless and ingenious thought-processes…”

Feedback from a Barrister client

“Marc Beaumont represented me against the Bar Standards Board in the face of 3 serious allegations of professional misconduct. In pre-trial applications, he persuaded the Judge to strike out one Charge and forced the BSB’s hand on another, so that they had to withdraw it. His handling of the matter was brilliant. Sitting by his side in the tribunal, I realised that Marc is a fearless adversary: he does not seem to fear anything or anyone. Whilst at trial all did not go smoothly, Marc saved my career when all seemed lost. Marc is also caring and compassionate. And then there is his incredible sense of humour. I still chuckle to think about some of his observations. For those who dislike the stereotypical, aloof Barrister, Marc is the answer: a gutsy, gladiatorial fighter with sound tactical judgment, a strong sense of fairness and the capacity for moments of genius. “

Feedback from a Barrister client

“I came to Marc through word of mouth. I approached him on a Public Access basis. Despite it being a tricky case he handled it with tremendous ease, was very perceptive and diligent, then drew it to a desirable conclusion. Far more efficient than going through solicitors and he was speedy and focused. QC material and a rather amiable chap too. Thumbs up.”

Feedback from Doctor successfully defended before the General Medical Council

“I knew that you were a good lawyer, but I was amazed by the thoroughness of your preparation of my case. Your presentation in Court was amazing and throughout the hearing I was totally confident of a successful outcome. Your Skeleton Argument was a work of art !  You communicate so well with your client and I admire your clarity of thought and your depth of legal knowledge. Many, many thanks for everything !”