The law is something to be avoided if possible. The Courts are a place of last resort. They are a place where lives are broken. So whether a client is a Claimant or a Defendant, the first requirement is accurate and honest legal advice as to the merits of an argument and as to the prospects of success.

Most clients will wish to try to resolve a dispute without going to Court: so well drafted correspondence, negotiation skills and the use of Mediation, must be considered with care and such avenues properly exhausted.

Clients have better things on which to spend their money than litigation and lawyers: so costs information should be transparent and accurate. Most of Marc Beaumont’s cases are conducted on the basis of fixed fees rather than hourly rates.

If engaging in proceedings and going to Court are unavoidable, then Marc Beaumont relishes being in the front line of battle. His advocacy is marked by strenuous preparation, fearless tenacity and powerful and eloquent written and oral submissions. He conducts his cases with a stylish and likeable self-confidence. Marc is an accomplished cross-examiner. He commands the confidence of Judges. However, Marc will never be compromised by extraneous interests or considerations. He will stand up to Judges.