“Marc Beaumont represents the traditional qualities of his profession as barrister – intelligent resolution, skilled judgment, fearless determination; combined with the innovative ideas of twenty first century practice. A great combination, making the approachable and charming Marc Beaumont one of a small handful of barristers that I would truly recommend.”

Senior barrister 

Marc epitomises the word justice and strives to achieve it despite injustices present within public regulatory bodies.  The regulatory bodies governing the medical/nursing profession seem to judge the registrant(s) as guilty until proven innocent and this bias can obstruct a fair hearing for the registrant(s).

 Marc is not just a highly respected barrister, he is humane and sensitive to the physical and emotional well-being of the client. He advises, supports and prepares the client and yet never gives false hope.

 Marc is dedicated to a case and works/researches diligently to ensure no stone is left unturned.

 Marc looks the adversary in the eye, delves deep into their psyche, unveiling the flaws within their prosecution but always conscious of their strengths.

Marc patiently and strategically builds up his defence for the registrant(s) and presents it in an assertive and professional manner.

Marc does not compromise nor give up.   Marc succeeds in gaining justice for the innocent where others might fail.”

Medical disciplinary client

“I have been a paramedic for over 22 years operating in several different spheres of clinical practice.   I was reported to the regulatory body of the Health and Care Professionals Council in relation to completely false allegations of neglect. The case deteriorated into a very upsetting and business- crippling ordeal resulting in a hearing date 32 months after the event. I engaged Marc Beaumont through the excellent Dr Peter d’Ambrumenil acting as an intermediary. Marc brings a near 30-year history of success to the table and immense experience of dealing with professional regulatory bodies.

I hope you take the time to read through the generous number of accolades for a remarkable man.

Not only can Marc communicate at our level when we are suffering in silence, but he has the austere and direct ability to layer his vocabulary in law and to challenge opponents in a manner that would put others to shame.

 I was acquitted of all charges thanks to the work of Peter and Marc.

 If you are in trouble, pick up the phone or email him, and do not leave it too late, as I did as there is as much that he can for you at the start of the process as at trial.  

 Marc saved my career.”

Medical disciplinary client

“Mr Marc Beaumont immediately responded to my Direct Access and urgent request to be provided with representation at less than 24 hours notice, to be accompanied at an interim professional body hearing. He was also coping with a broken foot  at this time, which affected his free mobility. I had a successful outcome as a direct result of his truly brilliant representation. I would highly recommend Mr Marc Beaumont for any professional body matters and his commitment to representation at such short notice. He acted with integrity and intelligence. He is an extremely impressive advocate, is entirely trustworthy and I was very relieved to have him on my side at that time. “

Direct Access client

“I really felt that my career was in serious jeopardy until I turned to Marc for help. I thought I was probably small fry compared to some of the people/organisations he has represented. However, he treated me with the utmost dignity and was what I would describe as quietly ruthless when dealing with my regulatory body. I would not recommend to anybody facing a tribunal for the first time to go unrepresented  and what was to me a stressful experience was meat and drink to him. He got me the result that he promised and was worth every penny!”

Direct Access client

“My thanks for the considerable efforts you have made on my behalf … Your approach to the matter has been an education; your support has been a source of great encouragement; and your advice has been invaluable. In short, you are a star!  I would have been very happy with the service you provided, regardless of the outcome. As it happens, the outcome was a lot better than I expected or even dared hope for. Indeed, realistically, I do not think we could possibly have done any better. The credit is yours and I am delighted. Whilst the circumstances were unfortunate and stressful, I actually enjoyed working alongside you. I do not often have cause to instruct Counsel … but if and when I do, you will now be my first choice.”

Direct Access client

“Marc took time out whilst working overseas to respond to my initial email enquiry to him, and at our first meeting in Windsor, he demonstrated an admirable grasp of the complex background to my case contained within a large volume of documentation.

 At our Conference, Marc distilled the key legal points and explained them to me in layman’s terms, and was able to make a written response to the Claimant’s solicitor at the end of our meeting which both reassured and convinced me that, although it could well take some time, he would indeed be able to help me, and I had made the right decision in engaging him for this work.

 Over the next 6 months, I was impressed with Marc’s speed and clarity of response to the Claimant’s solicitor’s letters as the case proceeded to a pre-trial hearing.    

The claim against me was discontinued just days before the pre-trial hearing. Marc’s use of a CPR Part 18 Request, which was so well-drafted that the Claimant simply could not answer it, as well as his knowledge, insight and well-argued responses to the allegations made against me by the Claimant’s solicitors, were crucial in the case against me being discontinued before it reached trial. 

 My legal fees were subsequently reimbursed in full by the defeated Claimant.  So I won the case with a net cost of zero and did not have to instruct a solicitor either, as Marc conducted the matter from start to finish entirely on a direct access basis.

 I would have no hesitation in recommending Marc to anyone requiring such services, or using Marc’s expertise again, should the need ever arise.”

Direct Access client

Marc Beaumont’s advocacy in court was “extremely distinguished”

Mr Justice Burton, Administrative Court, judicial review/education matter.

“We would like to take this opportunity to once again express our sincere gratitude to you for being there for us for the past 2 years, believing in us and our case, to enable us to win our claim after a long 6 Day Trial. Needless to say, it was an extremely complicated, nerve-wracking and demanding case; but, thanks to your swift understanding of our case, professionalism, light-heartedness, prompt attendance and 200% thorough preparation for CMCs (even when being unwell), your enormous patience, exceptional negotiating skills when dealing with our opponent and unique ability to explain quite complicated aspects of the law to us, we were able to pull through the last 2 years of this dense litigation, and finally, come to the much desired victory over our spiteful opponent.

We were appreciative of your tactful, proficient, and extremely talented cross-examination skills coupled with outstanding legal submissions. You completely “cracked” both our opponent and all of his seven witnesses.

You have a great personality, a very kind heart, and a very good sense of humour that helped to lift our spirits up at times of frustration and anger. You are an exceptionally talented Barrister and now, someone we regard as a very good friend.”

Direct Access client

“What I would say about your advice and assistance in my matter is that you are a real fighter, you understand how the process works and you are astute, conscientious, knowledgable and thorough.  Your assistance in helping me obtain BMIF funding was invaluable.”

Barrister client in disciplinary matter

“Enlisting Marc Beaumont as my legal representative was the best thing I could have done. His performance in court today was dynamic, tenacious and successful !”

Public Access client, County Court.

“The only redeeming feature of this case is the quality of Counsel [Marc Beaumont] selected by the Defendant,”who argued the case, “…with learning and ingenuity,”

Lord Justice Sedley, Court of Appeal.

 “Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the last CMC; your Counsel skills were beyond impressive – you were great, well done!!!”

Public Access client.

“Mr Beaumont…..argued their appeal with conspicuous ability…”

Sir Anthony Clarke, Master of the Rolls, Court of Appeal.

“We were introduced to Mr Beaumont by recommendation of a client of ours, a substantial financial institution. My team and I view Marc as an excellent Counsel to work with. He has a very good knowledge of the relevant law and delivers that knowledge in a concise, accurate and user-friendly manner. One of Marc´s particular skills is giving advice which sets out a clear recommendation and does not sit on the fence.”

“Marc is a personable man and is now viewed as a good friend to my team and me. We enjoy working with him.”

Partner. Major UK Law firm.

“I have always found Marc to be extremely confident in his handling of these cases both in terms of the advocacy and also of his detailed knowledge of the law relating to mortgages. He has always given practical, commercial and timely advice. “

Group Solicitor, Legal Department, major UK Bank

“I have instructed Marc in several major challenges by way of judicial review. In all these cases, I have been impressed by his thoroughness, attention to detail and the ability to marshal substantial quantities of documentation in a short space of time.”

“His work on paper is excellent. He is also a robust advocate”

I find Marc to be approachable and personable. He is efficient and pro-active in developing cases.”

Partner. Law Firm. Leeds.

“He very quickly grasps the key issues and illuminates them with his own thinking. His advocacy is clear, coherent, logical and he is a good public speaker.”

Queen´s Counsel. London

“He is a good lawyer, with a considerable knowledge of case-law. He seems able to master paperwork quickly. He also demonstrates a good grasp of fine points of civil procedure.”

Queen´s Counsel. London

“Marc Beaumont was fantastic. The case was struck out…I was impressed with his advocacy. He was concise and displayed firm judgment and execution.”

Lay Client

“It has been a pleasure to work collaboratively with Marc on educational cases. He has a keen investigative mind and is prepared to follow all available leads to develop the case. Marc has the ability to establish a rapport with the lay client, to seek out the basic sense of injustice they may feel, and thereafter nurture and develop a persuasive line of legal argument. The preparation of paperwork has been excellent and thorough and his advocay in court is convincing.”

Partner. Specialist firm in Public Law.

“I find Public Access to be a user-friendly mechanism. It meant that I obtained a timely response to my questions. Marc successfully addressed the issues. I was afraid that I might not be able to grasp the legal terminology used by Marc, but he was able effectively to translate the issues into layman’s terms, so that the legal issues in question were not baffling.”

Public Access client (Property litigation).

“We were involved in litigation with a neighbour when we selected Marc as a Mediator. We chose him in preference to several alternative Mediators because of references to his experience of psychotherapeutically based mediations. This approach enabled him to achieve an Agreement in the course of a single day. It resolved a problem that had been extant for nearly four years. Needless to say we were delighted with the outcome and the end to the litigation. As stated in the propertylawuk.net website we found that Marc´s style is one of comfortable and conversational informality against a backdrop of an acute awareness of the perils of litigation.”

Party to Mediation.

“I appeared alongside Marc in the Administrative Court in the Summer of 2005. He was a formidable advocate, cool under pressure from the tribunal and very persuasive.”

Queen’s Counsel, London.

“I found you to be friendly and not stuck up like others I called with my initial enquiry. You explained clearly to me the process of appeal which I did not know and made the work and costs clear of each element. What I particuarly liked was your desire to help given my financial circumstances and you were prepared to be flexible and negotiate, where most others just say take it or leave it ! Your depth of knowledge was first class and it was evident to me that you were exploring all angles and leaving no stone unturned when it came to the preparation. The content of your written arguments etc was excellent and were strongly and eloquently expressed in the Court of Appeal. You struck me as being a man of high integrity and would not be pressured by the Court of Appeal Judges into accepting and following a direction in which you did not want to be led.”

Public Access client in Court of Appeal.

“I am an estate agent. I was sued in a County Court matter by a former business associate. I consulted Marc Beaumont on the recommendation of a solicitor friend and instructed him under the Bar’s Public Access scheme. Marc advised me straightaway that the claim had no foundation in law. I was impressed that Marc was able and willing to draft a formal Defence for me on his PC whilst I waited during our first Conference (without charging a separate fee for this) and thereafter assisted me with advice and in the drafting of a letter asking the other side to withdraw. That letter was also drafted by Marc during a Conference without a separate fee being charged. Nearer the trial he drafted a detailed Skeleton Argument which set out my case clearly on paper. Having read Marc’s Skeleton Argument, the other side realised that they had no case. A day before the trial, Marc negotiated with them that they would withdraw and pay a large portion of my costs. Marc also agreed provision in the Consent Order that they could not pursue me in future in any other way. I had by then placed Marc in funds for his trial fee, but he voluntarily reimbursed the majority of it, apart from the cost of drafting the Consent Order. I understand that Barristers do not have to reimburse agreed trial fees when cases settle. I was delighted with the settlement. I achieved this result without ever having to instruct a solicitor. I found Marc to be authoritative, knowledgeable, confident, friendly and accessible. His fees were very reasonable and his method of charging was very clear, fair and straightforward. At the cost of what in the end was just a few hundred pounds, I managed to rid myself of the worry of this litigation.”

Public Access client.

“We have been working closely with Marc in a case which had very emotional issues. Marc was able to show us the more rational arguments and lead us in the right direction to focus on the more important points. He presented a strong and accurate case to the School Organisation Committee and we truly believe that without his expertise and knowledge we would not have achieved the excellent result that we did. Throughout the time that we have worked with Marc his commitment to our case has been unfaltering, his work was of such a high standard and quite honestly the County Council didn’t know what hit them. Thank you Marc for your help, we hope not to need you again but if we do, we will not hesitate to call Windsor Chambers.

I have attached a copy of the determination of the adjudicator. Once again I would like to offer our thanks for the big part you played in achieving this outcome. If you could have seen the look on the children’s faces when we told them the news on the last day of term you would have been overwhelmed – you have helped us to achieve the impossible. I remembered that at the beginning you said you thought it was going to be an uphill struggle and that the situation was probably “terminal.” Many people have said that you “can’t beat city hall” – well we did and we are really proud of ourselves.”

Public Access Client in Education matter (school closure).

“I was amazed when we first met by both the breadth and depth of legal knowledge you displayed. I got used to it in the end, but I certainly felt that you knew more than the opposition. From the very beginning you inspired confidence. You were intelligent, knew your law, but above all you had complete integrity. I was sure throughout the process that I stood the best possible chance of winning with you on my side, and without having to resort to legal trickery. The case was not just about the law for me, it was about the betrayal of trust that led up to it. You understood that, and helped me detach my emotions sufficiently to work effectively in the preparation for the case.

I had assumed that a good knowledge of the law was a given, but it wasn’t until we reached court that I understood just how good yours is. Or just how much skill you employ in the use of that knowledge. You knew your law, were very, very quick to assimilate and deal with what came up, and very clever in your use of the law and procedures. Your cross-examination was masterly. You were courteous and gentle, and somehow you encouraged my opponent to create his own traps and fall into them.

The litigation process is inevitably not a pleasant one. You did everything possible to avoid actually ending up in court, were kind and supportive far beyond what might reasonably be expected. If I ever have to find myself in this situation again, you’ll be the first person I call ! And all for extremely reasonable fees. “

Public Access Client.

“I would like to thank you again for your continued dedication throughout the last couple of years. I never thought it would be possible to get such a great result like we did yesterday in court, expecially given the complexity of the situation. To think I have regained full control of my company and all of its shares as well as my property in London is a dream come true.

Without you none of this would be possible and I would suggest to anyone unlucky enough to find themselves in my shoes, Marc Beaumont of Windsor Chambers is the only way forward.

It is hard to put into words how grateful I am and if there is anything I can do to return the favour, consider it done.”

Public Access client in section 459, Companies Act proceedings.

“If I ever have the misfortune to require the services of the legal profession (in a contentious matter) again, I hope the bar public access service will be available. Going directly to Counsel brought into focus the issues that will be before the Court. It’s rather disconcerting to think that many solicitors need to go away and research the law, often at clients’ expense, before coming back with advice. Employing Counsel directly gets to the crux of the matter. In your case Marc, I found you to be very efficient, possibly living up to the reputation of barristers as a whole, of being slightly crusty, but nonetheless approachable.”

Public Access Client in German Conflict of Laws / cross-border enforcement matter.

“Mr Beaumont has conducted the Defendant’s case with a high degree of skill and determination”

HH Judge Collins CBE, Central London County Court.

“I instructed Marc Beaumont under the Bar Public Access scheme to help me to resist a claim for fees made by another Barrister.  With Marc, I always knew where I stood. His work, his strategies and his charging of fees were always fully transparent. He has a deep knowledge of his subject and he explained all the issues clearly to me. He speaks and writes confidently and skilfully. When there is an urgent matter to be attended to, he will put the client first, no matter what.

Being a Mediterranean female, I am prone to short outbursts of gratitude!  Having been an educationist for many years, I pride myself on correct assessments. Here are some of those outbursts/assessments in an e-mail sent to Marc after I won my case

“You are a credit to mankind.
You give hope and dignity to ordinary people’s lives.
Your middle name should change to a Star, as in You are a Star.
You should be very proud of yourself.
God Bless you. “

Public Access Client.

“I instructed Mr. Beaumont after my local Solicitors informed me that my arguments would not stand up in Court and the chance of a successful outcome was negligible and as such they would not accept my instruction. Thanks to Marc, I managed to have a Judgment against me struck out and a failing case restored to good order through his expert knowledge and skilled argument.”

Public Access Client.